I’m Francesco Zaratin. Born Italian, raised with nomadic aspirations.

At the end of high school my professor/mentor told me “Go to China and study Chinese! It will open your mind!”. So I did and my mind never closed ever since.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Languages, Art, History and Civilizations from Venice Ca’ Foscari University and a Master of Science in Asian Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

My main focuses are the relation between politics, culture and society in EU and Asian countries, the concepts of “Western Civilization” , “Asian Civilization” and the dialogue between the two. In tackling these issues, I am mainly moved by an humanitarian ethos which got me interested in environmentalist, alternativist movements in Asia and in the West.

Apart from my native Italian, I speak English, Chinese, German and Spanish.
I am currently looking for Phd opportunities in Europe.

I think that, all in all, the world is a wonderful place to live in and that human race, despite its flaws, has some infinite potential.





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